onsdag den 26. oktober 2011

Dagen idag:

Så idag har det handlet om kage, lektier og dans!♥

Vi startede med en skole dag der varede til kl 15:00
Bortset fra at vi faktisk kun sad og tog sjove billeder:b
her er nogen af dem!
 Malle & Stina♥
 Rie & Rikke♥
 Rie syntes det var sjovt at tage et billed af mig i Rikkes jakke..♥
& tilsidst det her billed.. Jeg elsker det simpelthen OVERALT på jorden!♥

Når.. Efter skole tog vi hjem til mig og spiste chokoladekage..

Så skulle der laves lektier.. Mens Stina og Julle tog på klubben og spiste Oreos :b♥

Åhhh Så var der dans !
Det var hårdt men stadig skønt !
& det mest fantastiske var, at Theis kom og hentede os så vi blev kørt hjem !
Tarrrkkk Theis du fantastisk ! Hahah og din mor selvfølgelig^^
Det var alt for idag guys,
see ya!


mandag den 18. juli 2011

♥ High five for love ♥

Love can't be seen with the naked eye..
Love can't be described in a million words..
People says they love each other..
What is love?..

Arghhh, no need to be shy over love! watch this !.. 

Awweeehhh so cute ♥


onsdag den 23. marts 2011

The photo shoot !

What's up guys !
Okay I haven't written I a while now and I am sorry about that guys !
But now I'll show you the photo shoot Michala and I took !

And there are like a hundred more !
We had a real blast making these photos !


lørdag den 19. marts 2011

Now lets see !

Hey guys !
Now today Michala and I made, what can we call it.
A photo shoot !
I was a real blast ! and the pictures were great !
We took our bicycles and the camera and drove down to the Forrest, It was amazingly warm to begin with but turned quite fast to super cold although the sun still was there.
We are now trying to make a new blog together where you can stalk us bought.

Okay but to right now I am eating delicious ice cream ! Yummy yummy !

See you guys soon !


fredag den 18. marts 2011

That's me (Michala's version)

Hello, hello. Since this will be Micha's first blogpost I think it would be in place with a little introduction of this lovely girl. Her name is Micha, she lives in Copenhagen, Denmark and goes to school 5 days of the week.
She Loves traveling, cats and Brussels sprouts. You may wonder who the hell i am, witch is fair enough my, name is Michala i have blog called mypetitworld where you can go over and stalk me as much as you like.
back to Micha i'm proud to say she defiantly is my best friend and a wonderful, crazy person you with garanti, you will love to find out what happens inside her head....

Michala (And Missa)